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Default Staying On Course, Victory Lane

The only good thing to happen on offense was a touchdown pass to Dan Kreider in the third quarter. If it wasn't for the amazing performance of the defense the Steelers would be 8-2. As Ben Roethlisberger stated... "They carried us once again." You're right Ben! Just don't let it come down to that again next week. ;)

Another highlight of the game was the performance of Bettis. He also did it again. Rushing for 129 yards on 29 attempts. His 3 game total -- 381 yards. Very impressive!

"It reminds me of Steelers football, the way we've played since I've been here," said Bettis. "That's important. We've got to remain ourselves. We've got an identity and we've got to stick to it."

I've always been a huge fan of Bettis and never doubted his ability as most people have. So, I'm enjoying his success as much as he is! When he's healthy, he can rumble!

"We really didn't play good enough to win," coach Bill Cowher said. "We didn't do the things we've been doing, characteristically, of this football team. But we still found a way to win, and that's the sign of a good team."

Finding a way to win each week will satisfy me and every other Steelers fan I know. Keep it up!
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