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Default NFL Officials Blow It Again

One of my roomies is a Lions fan (poor guy) so I watched the O.T. loss to the Pack tonight and I gotta tell ya, Detroit got screwed.

With just over four minutes left in the game, the Lions blew a chance to take the lead four times with goal to go. Fine, that happens.

So the Packers get the ball on about the half-yard line, tied 13-13, and hand the ball off to Samkon Gado, who was stopped in the endzone. Except he wasn't stopped. He tried to stretch or pitch the ball out to avoid the safety.

Well, the officials threw multiple flags; one for holding and one for intentional grounding. Instead of going with the obvious hold, the officials went with the grounding call. Packers coach Mike Sherman smartly threw the red flag and the officials reviewed their IG call and overturned it, stating that Gado was out of the pocket.

Now, the IG would have resulted in a safety, but the hold would have done the same thing. Instead of making the easy, obvious call they got cute and called the IG. Call overturned, Packers first down a play later. Sure, it didn't matter that drive because they punted the ball away and the Lions couldn't do anything with it.

Long story short, Pack O.T. field goal to win.

I understand that bad teams find a way to lose but is it too much to ask that we don't have the People's Court with every call? Make the call and don't lawyer it up.

Plus, given that the D is a bad team, do the officials really have to screw them so the Pack wins?
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