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Default Re: MLB 2K8 for Xbox

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
i doubt that.. final fantasy is one of the best series games ever!! nothing will be able to beat that... and it's sony only... sry to burst ut bubble on that,, and just wait until god of war 3 comes out 4 the ps3 b/c it's going to be the sickest game i bet.. and when they release socom 4 the ps3 thats should be sick since watching cod 4 on both systems and gow... u might say that b/c 360 been out longer and have more games in those areas
So PS3 is better than X-BOX right now because.... they might have some sweet games in a year?

Trust me, I have a PS3, I wish there were more quality games right now, but its impossible to deny that X-BOX has MUCH better games right now.

But, we're on the same page. I went PS3 because of what might be available down the line (and because i prefer Sony's set-up). Let's see if they deliver.
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