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Default Re: Autographs = Money whoring.

Originally Posted by polamalu82 View Post
I think I seen you on tv. Did you give him a coke then he gave you his jersey? J/K. Cool story man.
LOL...I always liked that commercial.

The funny part of it was that some guys were standing around him...I think they were his son's. When Joe stuck his hand out to shake mine, I must have looked stunned, awe struck, and shocked at the same time....because they started laughing at me. His hand was as big as a baseball mit....or atleast it seemed that way.

I have heard he is a really nice guy. I know celebrities don't like to be bothered, but I couldn't resist. I knew there was a real good chance he was going to tell me to get lost, but I just took my chances. Even if he had told me to get lost, I would have understood...and I would still love the guy. He was my favorite Steeler when I was growing up and nothing can change that.
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