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Default Re: NFL Officials Blow It Again

Originally Posted by SalukiSteelers
Hey Koopa, I realize that the Lions offensive play calling hurt them because Dick Jauron is an idiot. He proved it in Chicago and he's proving it in D-town.
Hold on a second, there.

I'm no the biggest Dick Jauron fan, but you can't blame the teams offensive playcalling on him. He didn't put together the offensive staff, draft the players, or sign the FA's. All he is doing at this point is basically running the team with what has been thrown in his lap. They aren't going to change offensive philosophies with 5 games left in the season and there reallyy isn't much he can do.

The Lions problems run way deeper than Dick Jauron and need to be pointed at Millen. Being born and living in the metro Detroit area, I'm glad the Lions lost last night. This team is poor excuse for an NFL franchise and there's NO signs of them getting any better any time soon.

They need to axe Millen and get a damn football guy in here to run the organization. This team is a Mickey Mouse squad and the laughing stock of the NFL. The Cardinals show more promise than the Lions!
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