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Default Chad Johnson?

Did he even play yesterday? Oh, yeah, he did.

2 catches for 22 yards. And 2 horrible phantom penalty calls that likely won the Bengals the game.

First was 3rd and 8 from the Cleveland 33. Bodden legally jams Johnson at the LOS, Johnson pushes back. Somehow this is interpreted as defensive holding, Bengals are given a gift and convert a crucial 3rd and 8 when they were actually stopped and should have punted. This call was an atrocity, and the official that called it should be immediately fired. There were :56 seconds left, and Cleveland could have taken a knee and played for OT. Absolutely disgusting homefield call.

Second gave the Bengals the game. With :35 on the Browns 28, another 3rd and long, Johnson runs a slant route. He and Bodden (who actually has every right to the passing lane as he was going for the ball as well) collide while both attempting to catch the ball. No foul...but, wait! Out comes the flag, and Johnson draws yet another horseshit penalty. So, instead of 4th and 10 on the 28 which sets up a very long 45 yards FG, in a tricky wind, for a guy who's career long is 48, the Bengals get 5 free yards and a fresh set of downs, which results in a 37 yard attempt instead.

Another atrocious example of ref's determining the outcome of a game, and this time the calls weren't even close.
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