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Default Re: NFL Officials Blow It Again

Originally Posted by bangpow
Hold on a second, there.

I'm no the biggest Dick Jauron fan, but you can't blame the teams offensive playcalling on him. He didn't put together the offensive staff, draft the players, or sign the FA's. All he is doing at this point is basically running the team with what has been thrown in his lap.
I understand that it's not Jauron's call on ALL the offensive plays, but you mean to tell me that the coach -- interim or not -- isn't the guy who makes the final decision on a fourth and goal? I think that if he's not, there's a huge problem there. And if he is, I'm sure he saw that Grady Jackson was not allowing anything to go through him, and he still tried to put it up the gut.

It was a wussy call that wasn't executed by a disappointing team. QB sneak? Who does he think he is, Marty Shottneheimer?
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