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Default Re: 102 online !!

A few months ago there were 462 users online! At least the search engines are indexing everything. LOL.

During the regular season we should definitely see in increase in membership. The average is 30,000 unique visitors monthly to the web site during the regular season. Which isn't too bad considering I just upgraded to a paid host and purchased the SF domain last year. We should see a steady rise in unique visitors next season though.

Now, the bad news. During the offseason the web site only receives 10,000 unique visitors monthly. So, that explains the lack of new membership. :(

I should start an advertising campaign. I have a lot of great ideas to bring in more members, but not a lot of money! I spent the money earned from SF to purchase this forum, have contests, and to renew the hosting plan.

I hate asking for donations. But, if anybody has a few extra bucks to spare to help donate for this expensive endeavor it would be greatly appreciated. I would create a paypal account for easy transactions. Let me know your thoughts and what you would want out of it.

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