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Default Re: 102 online !!

adding donations as part of a forum can be a touchy subject.. many feel that forums should be free and they should not have to pay for info and they feel insulted to be asked to give money. others will freely donate no questions asked becuz they believe in the site and want to help out. And sometimes people wanna ask where the money goes and how its being spent. I was part of a forum that allowed donations, but wasnt required of course. then 1 day somebody asked to see where the funds went too, and the site was run terribly to begin with and it ended up causing a total collapse and end to the site.

That being said, I will donate what I can to help out the site. I may not be all that much, but I'll give what I can.

As long as members dont feel obligated to do so, or the members that do give dont feel like they are more important than the ones that don't, we'd be ok.

Just my .02
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