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Default Re: lets pretend here

Those of you thinking "hmmm, maybe it might be a good idea" don't understand what absolute nonsense we have gone through here in Philly. And I really mean nonsense. The class level of the Eagles organization is many steps below the Steelers organization (Eagles fans booing Santa Claus, the snowball bowl and the fact that the stadium has an official district court in it for troublemakers come to mind) and STILL, T.O. behaved so poorly and immaturely that many fans ended up burning their jerseys b/c of his lack of class wrt the organization and Donovan in particular.

T.O. will only do well where he is the center of attention and is under heavy babysitting supervision. He did not change from SF to here and I have no reason to believe he ever will. It's too bad, because he is seriously one of the best WR's I have ever seen. Not only could he pull in many of Donovan's misdirected passes, he had incredible strength to push defenders away from him. I remember seeing some plays and thinking - man, that looks like a game of Dad playing with the kids. Too bad. Instead of ending up in Canton, it looks like he will just end up a footnote in football history.
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