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Default Re: Finally! Pat Kirwans Mock #1

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Cherilus looked good if they tried to bull rush him, but he got repeatedly beat by guys that made him move his feet. Not a great pass blocker, watch the BC clips of #77 blocking for Matt Ryan....they guy is heavy footed.

Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College: Cherilus was expected to have a big week but failed to deliver. He possesses the size and strength to start in the NFL, but his inability to block in anything other than a small area was troublesome.

Kirwin goes onto say that Cherilus has lots of experience playing LT. He only played there this season and it wasnt a great transition.

After starting 37 consecutive games at right tackle, Gosder Cherilus moved to the demanding left tackle position as a senior. It is an understatement to say that he struggled most of the year at that position. ...With his limited change-of-direction agility, along with a solid reputation as a mauler for the ground game, Cherilus would welcome a return to right tackle at the next level.

I like Kirwin, but his assessment of Cherilus at a LT is wrong. I dont mind the Cherilus pick either, but believe he is a RT only and #23 might be a bit high for a RT, but he will be gone at the top of the 2nd, so better to trade back or draft D line.
Problem with Cherilus, at least to me, he seems to be like a Starks clone. All of those negatives you described Gonzo, sound like Starks. At this point, do we even want to spend a 2nd on Cherilus if indeed he is a clone of Starks. Who knows though, Starks could move to LT and flourish and Cherilus could excel back at right.

As much as I like Groves, I truly hope Albert is available when we pick.
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