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Default Re: Duke fans.

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786 View Post
I said before the tournament and I'm going to say it now. North Carolina was NOT a National Championship team and they still are not one. They were more then able to make it to San Antonio mainly because of their track record in March in the North Carolina, but I knew 4 games that were essentially AT HOME were going to go to this teams head. Thankfully for Duke even they made it this far they had practice being out of NC.
And would you complain about home games had DUke been the #1 overall and played in NC? Doubtful. So erase that gripe. All the Duke fans would be crying thier eyes out if they were the #1 and people were complaining about 'home' games.

They earned it. Noone complains about the best team getting home field advantage in the NFL playoffs, so why should it be different here.

Carolina also came out of arguably the most difficult bracket in the tournament this year. 1 - 4 was loaded and the Arkansas team they beat wasnt too shabby.

Duke wasn't even worthy of a #2 seed. If anyone wants to argue Carolina go their #1 because of who they are, then you really gotta argue that for Duke being a #2 as well. They stunk the last 6 games of the year. They were a 3 maybe, a 4 at worst. They got #2 because of their name.

Seems like the rats are jumping ship at Duke. They just lost a promising shooter.
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