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Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
All signs point to HAnsborough coming back. He comes from a fortune and does not really need the $$$. I dont think he's ready anyway. I think the 3 above will test the waters but find no agents so they can come back. (I'd do the job gladly) LAwson @ 5'11" would probably be like the 5th PG taken... there wont be the big $$$ there for him that could be after another year of seasoning.

As ofr PG if he would go... Frasor will be back next year... and Larry Drew.

Ellington... I'm sorta thinking if any of them go its him....
Hansbrough will be 24 next fall - I know you want him back for another year (and I want him to leave ) but is Hansbrough really going to get any better?
He is a mid-to late first round pick now and unless he develops a 3 point shot (not likely) his game is what it is.

All another year will get him is the scouts having a chance to pick more holes in his game (we got a preview of how he will fare as a 6'7" (real height) with no hops inside presence in the NBA with the Kansas bigs giving him trouble last night) - if he comes back more power to him but if he does so it will only be because this year's draft class is loaded and he may figure he slots higher in 2009

As for Lawson, I assume you have heard he is not big on the student part of student-athlete and that his extended time off for the ankle injury was rumored to be due to his father's concern coming back too quickly could aggravate the injury and diminish his pro prospects.

This was the Tar Heels year with the first two rounds of the NCAAs in Raleigh & Charlotte - the window of opportunity for Hansbrough may not be shut but it certainly will not be as wide open next season
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