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Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
Someone didnt watch any tournament games if they think nothing is ever called on Tyler. Or any basketball games for that matter. He takes a beating. While he gets to the line a lot, there are a lot of times he should get there and never does.

Rutgers and Nevada games this season. Two straight games, two trips headfirst into the stantion. Two non-trips to the free throw line. One concussion. Didnt miss a game.

Tough as nails. At least when he was assaulted at Duke last year he didnt lay on the floor and cry like Laetner when Montross clocked him in 1992. Now there was a sissy. Money player, but a sissy.

LOL.... Cherokee Parks!
Actually Hansbrough burst into tears when he got clocked by Gerald Henderson in Chapel Hill, not Cameron, when ol' Roy still had him in the game trying to run up the score

As for Laettner - 4 Final Fours, two national championships, and the winning shot in the greatest college game ever played - no Tar Heel can match that (Jordan might have been able to, but the only man who was able to hold Jordan under 20 points a game in college was Dean Smith)

As for the sissy crack, I will consider the source (what 1992 game are you even talking about?)
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