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Default Re: Duke fans.

Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
All signs point to HAnsborough coming back. He comes from a fortune and does not really need the $$$. I dont think he's ready anyway. I think the 3 above will test the waters but find no agents so they can come back. (I'd do the job gladly) LAwson @ 5'11" would probably be like the 5th PG taken... there wont be the big $$$ there for him that could be after another year of seasoning.

As ofr PG if he would go... Frasor will be back next year... and Larry Drew.

Ellington... I'm sorta thinking if any of them go its him....
I'm thinking all of them Declare, but Hansboroguh in my opinion appears to be the closest Lock towards Staying in NC. I could see him ending up with the Bobcats if he does go NBA.

Lawson needs more work to be NBA Successful. as well as Possibly Ellington.

Now if these guys are like the Florida Four, there is a good chance if one goes, they all go.

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