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Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
I guess its hard to make an argument for the best ever unless you saw them play. Kareem is a good candidate for the title, based on everything mentioned above. One thing to kinda put the UCLA years in some perspective (not to slight them... believe me) is that in those days, there were simply not as many good programs (and the best of the best seemed to end up at UCLA). In Thompsons 1970's there were emerging programs that are prominent today, but you still couldn't field 64 (let alone 32 then) where half of them had a legit shot to win it all each year.

My argument for Battier is based on his performance and the times he played in. So many good programs, so many good players.

Think about some of the grat players who never get to college or the pros!
Good points, but here's something else to consider - there were no high schoolers or college underclassmen allowed into the NBA in Kareem's college days. The best players in the NCAA now are usually gone for the NBA before their junior year rolls around, which in effect dilutes the talent at the college level and gives many more programs a chance to compete. Back then you either played in college through your senior year or you sat out (in Wilt Chamberlain's case, for example, he played for the Harlem Globetrotters instead of playing his senior year at Kansas). I also have a feeling Kareem would be an All-American now just as he was then.
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