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Default Steelers Mock Draft Contest!!!


OK so here is the game:

Predict who the Steelers select with each of their 6 picks in the draft, and then make 4 "bonus picks". Scoring goes as follows:

4 points - Correct player in correct round & slot
3 points - correct player in correct round but wrong slot
2 points - correct player in wrong round
1 point - correct player with a bonus pick


You can predict a trade. Just make sure to put the correct draft slot number with your prediction. If you predict the Steelers getting more picks than the 6, adjust your "bonus" picks down to ensure you have 10 total guesses. This is an inter-site mock so in addition to the best entry we will calculate the best average score per site. Last year we had 5 sites participate and over 50 entries.

Last year's best entry winner was SteelHaven of who nailed 5 correct picks, 4 in the correct round. The best average score was won by the McMillen and Wife site.

Prizes will be provided by Father George at
This year's winners get prizes as follows:
1st place: 3 free T-shirts and possible bonus prize
2nd place: 2 free t-shirts
3rd place: 1 free t-shirt

Everyone only gets 1 entry. All entries must be sent in by 12:000 noon the day before the draft starts, which is Friday April 25th. No exceptions. To submit an entry do so in this thread or just PM it to me.

Prizes will be provided by Father George at

Some examples of his merchandise:

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