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Default What if...

What if we Traded Jason Bay and Adam LaRoche for some better pitching.

We have Doug Mientkiewicz to take over 1B and had Nyjer Morgan play LF

Nyjer Morgan doesnt have the power that Bay does, buy he is a base stealing machine with his speed.

Our problems this year are terrible pitching and i think we can trade Bay and LaRoche without to much of a drop in offensive production.

our new Lineup can be:

1 - Nyjer Morgan (LF/CF)
2 - Freddy Sanchez (2B)
3 - Nate McLouth (CF/LF)
4 - Ryan Doumit (C)
5 - Xavier Nady (RF)
6 - Doug Mientkiewicz (1B)
7 - Jose Bautista (3B)
8 - Jack Wilson (SS)
9 - [Pitcher Spot]

What pitchers do you think we could get for a trade like that and would it be worth it?
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