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Default Re: WTF is going on in Ann Arbor?

Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
I would consider PSU a top 10 program in football history. PSU has had a pile of arrests the last 2 years... but I often wonder living in PA and not MI how much happens there that I do not hear about here...

Did i just see a report last week about Mario Manningham admitting to testing positive for marijuana when he was at UM?

I hope Rod does not bring the negative element there... will the alumni put up with it? I hope not, but if they win, a blind eye may be turned.
All you have to do is look at Miami. Those alumni have put up with all kinds of thuggery in order to have a top football team. Same with USC, Nebraska, etc. Everything is forgiven when you win a BcS Bowl Game.
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