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Default Re: 4 vikings charged for boat sexcapade

Originally Posted by CASTEEL

You should always tip well..... especially when you are a multi-milionare!!!
if you can fly the bj queens up from atlanta you can slip each member of the crew a few hunnerd. not like the crew dont know whats going on anyways. i can see it now. one of the players asked the hot waitres if shed like to strip down and enjoy the party. when she refused he probably called her a ***** and didnt tip her. the same waitress who was offended and talking to the police probably wouldve been flattered and laughed it off with a few hundred in her pocket.

not to pigeon hole all women as gold diggers or people who can be paid off and drop all morals. but this is typical behavior of rich entertainers, and something that a wink, nod, and hefty tip usually prevents it from becomming public
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