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Default My keys to victory this week

I posted this at SR too, figured i'd post it here as well.

1: Use the pass to set up the run again. First down passes go a long way towards loosening up a D for us. Those screen plays and 3rd down completions last week helped us get the previously thought to be unbeatable Bears D back on their heals and show them that we are not a one dimensional team when we don't wanna be. We can do the same to the Vikes D, but even get more big plays IMO.

2: Get good pressure on Brad Johnson. We don't have to have alot of sacks, just obstruct his sight lines and force him to move a bit. He is a freakin' statue back there IMO.

3: We MUST have above average Punt and Kickoff coverage. We cannot let their ST unit factor into the game. They are on the fast carpet and one little mistake could lead to a costly TD if we're not on our toes IMO.

4: Our O-line MUST play at or near the level they played last week. I think they realize that if we are to get anywhere this season, Ben will have to remain healthy. Opening holes for the running game will be paramount to wearing down the Vikes HUGE D-line.

4: Play with our backs to the wall again. This mentality will not only give the players extra motivation to perform well, but it will also keep them grounded as well IMO.

5: GET OFF THE FREAKIN' FIELD ON 3RD DOWNS! Did i say that loud enough for someone to hear me? We can't allow big pass plays on 3rd downs anymore. This problem MUST be rectified.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to add anything you guys feel as well.
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