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Default Re: Ben's Thumb & Cowher's Power

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan
Interesting article in Post-Gazette Black & Gold Insider by Ed B. of the Post-Gazette today regarding Cowher remaining in a snit about discussions on Ben's thumb.

Without repeating the entire article, key points were that:

"In a way, Cowher is throwing another quarterback under the bus by making it out to appear that this is such a minor injury that it should not even be mentioned. Full disclosure. As you may see by a story I wrote that's in Thursday's Post-Gazette, the thumb has a tendon or ligament strain with a sliver of bone chipped off. Where's the mystery or intrigue? Why could the Steelers have not just said that It's not as if an opponent can gain an advantage from that knowledge because they already know that Roethlisberger's thumb hurts him.

I'm starting to wonder about Cowher's relationships with his quarterbacks. He does not seem to support them the way he has supported other players on his team. Kordell Stewart was a prime example.

I do believe that Roethlsiberger rubs Cowher the wrong way. Maybe it's his youth or self-confidence, or maybe it's the fact that Roethlisberger does not bow to all of his coach's wishes (such as the motorcycle helmet issue). It was very telling in January when Cowher had such a strong reaction to Ben saying he broke three toes in the AFC title game against New England. Cowher vehemently denied they were broken. What was the big deal? The season was over. Cowher could have just shrugged and said he did not believe they were broken, but it was no big deal. Instead, he acted as if his quarterback had just hand delivered the game plan to the enemy."

To me, the Ben/Cowher relationship is strained because Cowher potentially will, for the first time since he arrived as coach in 1992, no longer be the center of attention for the Pittsburgh Steelers (e.g. - "It's Bill Cowher & the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football!"). Belichek and Brady both appear to have checked their egos at the door to win Super Bowls, Tony Dungy appears comfortable in letting Peyton Manning be the star of the show, and Carson Palmer is working with a head coach who is as new to his job as Palmer is to being a QB in the NFL.

However, for the first time in his 14 year tenure as head coach, Cowher has a franchise QB to work with and those types (unlike simply great players at other positions like Bettis, Dermonnti Dawson & Rod Woodson) have a lot more clout than any other player. Cowher has never appeared to be good at sharing, but he better work it out with Ben or the Steelers management may work it out for him if the Steelers still have not won a Super Bowl when Ben comes up for free agency in a few years and wants a style of play & coaching more to his liking.
AD can i share this with my Steeler fan friends at SR? Is that entire post from the article?
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