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Default Re: Ben's Thumb & Cowher's Power

Originally Posted by StillerPaul
AD can i share this with my Steeler fan friends at SR? Is that entire post from the article?
Stiller Paul

The entire article can be accessed through the link at the top of my post. I do not post full articles from BGI in that it is a paid site and the P-G presumably, although I doubt that it would do so, could argue reposting an entire article is a violation of fair use of copyrighted material.

The quoted excerpt which I clearly attribute to the P-G is the crux of the article and can be retransmitted as you see fit as far as I am concerned. If the link to the entire article works, then the P-G presumably does not care who accesses the whole article and retransmits it. If I get sued maybe I can ask the Forum members to contribute to my legal defense fund :)

For what it is worth, I have e-mailed Ed B. and asked him to consider writing an article for the dead trees version of the P-G, which could be accessed through the public P-G web site, which develops his views on the Ben-Cowher relationship and would include views (anonymous or otherwise) of the players on Ben's interactions with coaches and teammates.

Ben appears to have strained relationships with Cowher and at least some teammates. I believe the major issue the Steelers will have over the next several years is how their first franchise QB since Bradshaw fits into a team on which Ben is not surrounded by the number of stars on the '70s Steelers team that kept that team from becoming the Terry Bradshaw show. The real fireworks will come when Ben will need to decide if he will be like Tom Brady and leave some $$$ on the table in order that the Steelers can pay for other players or whether he will go the Peyton Manning/Michael Vick route and grab for every $ he can get. Given the problems that occurred in the Hines Ward negotiations, that may not be a pleasant process.
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