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Default Re: Out with the Old (Morris) In with the New

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
It is an absolute joke that Sean Burnett is not wearing a Pirates uniform right now. But yet, Morris, because "he's a veteran presence in the rotation and the clubhouse," gets the ball every 5th day even though he's sucked for the better part of a year. Typical Pirates roster management...though I won't place much blame on the current GM. That was Dave Littlefield's last act of brilliance before he was finally given the pink slip. Since they can't trade him and would have to pick up his salary if they released him, why not demote him to long relief, call up Burnett and put him in the rotation? That way, he can still "mentor" the starters without costing us games. So we'd have 4 left-handed starters with Burnett up here. Big deal! PNC Park is tailor-made for left-handed starters, so why not take advantage of it? While they're at it, they can give Meek back to the Rays. He's horrible! I'd rather see Romulo Sanchez in his spot.
if we call up burnett it will not be as a starter...he cant handle it it like he used to...the only way will see him in a pirate uniform is in the bullpen...he said he feels more comfortable in there than he ever has
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