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Default Re: Ben's Thumb & Cowher's Power

i dont see from cowher that he is a media hog or would be jealous of not being the main attraction in pittsburgh. and i think hes rather low key for being the longest tenured coach, and for as many coaches he has tutored, and all his success (and failures).

as for the helmet incident i think cowher talked to ben like a concerned father would. thats the impression i got.

as for cowher falling in love with kordell, i think that was seen as a sign of weakness and the coach has probably learned from that. he sort of got burnt. its probably a concentrated effort by him now to not show that much emotion for a certain player. i think he cares for and definitely respects all his players, but you notice since kordell he doesnt favor any or even pump any of their heads up to much. he doesnt slobber over any of his players. even the great ones. t. polamalu, hines ward, jerome, h. miller, faneca, porter, gildon, ben, etc. which one is his favorite? hes very good at keeping everything focused on the team as a whole.

ben and cowher will be fine and will have a strong relationship. anyone thinks ben didnt appreciate cowher oppenning up the offense for him with a bad thumb, one week after the beatdown in indy? i think theres mutual trust there and cowher is too smart not to know what he has in ben.
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