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Default 2004 NFL DRAFT....How it should've gone down(TOP 10 PICKS)

1)-Chargers: WR Roy Williams....

Knowing what the Chargers know now, they didn't need Phillip Rivers....They needed a playmaking WR which Roy Williams brings to the table. The only thing the Chargers need offensively is a weapon in the open.....Antonio Gates and Roy Williams COULD HAVE been a huge and deadly combination

2)-Raiders: Ben Roethlisberger

The Raiders biggest need in '04 wasn't offensive lineman, it was a QB. Kerry Collins was often inconsistent and Big Ben would have provided a huge boost of confidence to this offense.....Imagine Big Ben and Randy Moss on the same team

3)-Cardinals: Eli Manning

The Cards didn't need a WR....They had Anquan Boldin and Bryant Johnson. They needed a QB and Eli Manning would love to be with Denny Green. Manning could have had two deadly Wideouts but the Cards went their seperate ways.....

4)-Giants: Robert Gallery

The Giants biggest need in 2004 was offensive line....Kurt Warner was doing surprisingly well but the offensive line just wouldn't prevail. Eli was not the need, Gallery was and the Giants missed on a franchise left tackle.

5)-Redskins: Michael Clayton

SLEEPER OF THE DRAFT!!! Speed, hands and confidence is what he brings to the table. Clayton would have complimented Laverneaus Coles perfectly....Ramsey to Coles and Ramsey to Clayton could have been a deadly combo...

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