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Default Re: 2004 NFL DRAFT....How it should've gone down(TOP 10 PICKS)

6)-Lions: Sean Taylor

Previosuly drafting Charles Rogers, WR wasn't the issue howver defense was. Sean Taylor has earned a reputation for his bone crunching hits, something the Lions do not bring on defense....

7)-Browns: Phillip River

Tight Ends should not go 6th overall however QBS....Thats a different story....The Browns lacked a franchise QB and Phillip Rivers would have given Browns fans something to cheer about *SIGH*

8)-Falcons: Larry Fitzgerald

Mike Vick has lacked a top nocth WR his whole career. Fitzgerald would have brought size and determination to this underachieving WR core. IF ONLY....

9)-Jaguars: Dunta Robinson

Led the league in INTS with 5, has KNOCKOUT SPEED. As fast as any WR in the NFL, also brings size....He could have been what the Jags needed....A Cornerback.....

10)-Texans: Kellen Winslow

Tight Ends should never go higher then this. Ask Rickey Dudley. The Texans have an all-star young offense and Winslow would have been the last piece to the puzzle. Size, strength and hands like a WR, WInslow could have been great with H-Twon....


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