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Default Re: OK, Draft Guru's, Looking FOr Some Help...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I've seen a lot of stuff about Stewart's abilities, but can't seem to find out much about his blocking ability/picking up blitzes and the like. Anybody w/ insider info or a good source. I know he's a pretty complete back, but I'm curious if this is the hole in his game.
Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
5'11, 230, 4.50
Strengths: An overall finely tuned and powerful back. A prototypical downhill runner who can move the chains. Has good size, and can use it to get the extra yards. Low center of gravity and good balance. Doesn?t go down easily. Has good vision and footwork, and has good cutback ability. Can return kicks if needed. His size gives him the potential to be a workhorse in the NFL. His overall speed/size combo could help him translate into a great NFL Running back.

Weaknesses: Sometimes looks to run before the catch when receiving out of the backfield. His acceleration has been questioned. Could be a little faster, but his size should make up for the lack of speed. His blocking could improve, like most college backs. Also ran in a spread offense in college, so the transition could, but shouldn?t, be a problem.

A great athlete...Has outstanding size and a thick build..Excellent speed and good quickness...Very strong...Runs hard and with great power..He attacks the line and gets upfield in a hurry...Patient runner with great vision...Nice balance and change of direction skills...Big play threat who can take it the distance...Has terrific hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield...Solid blocker...Tough...Doesn't have a lot of mileage on his tires...Hard worker with great intangibles...Also a return man.

Has battled a lot of minor injuries and durability is a concern...Doesn't have much wiggle and is not overly explosive...Did his damage in a spread offense...Does not always play up to his timed speed..Carried the load for just one season in college.

I find alot of mixed opinions on him....just more of the same of what you read above...but the general consensus is that he has been working on and will overcome any deficit in blocking
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