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Default Purdue becoming a 3-4 pipeline for NFL

"Tweener" was not a desirable tag for a defensive player in 2001.

Only one NFL team was playing a 3-4 defense then, which limited the draft market for undersized college ends. So it was Pittsburgh or bust for those tweeners ? players too small to play end in the NFL and not quite fast enough to be linebackers.

But football is a game of cycles, and it's swinging back to the 3-4 scheme as the decade winds down. The number of 3-4 defenses has increased from four in 2003 to eight in 2005 to 10 next season.
The best form of addulation is immitation. The Tweener must truly be grateful for what the Steelers have done for their bank balances over the last 8 years.

I didnt realise Purdue had become a 3-4 factory. Avril would appear to be the next candidate to be a 2nd round candidate for the steelers, much like Woodley was last year.
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