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Default Re: Mock Draft Update

I keep going back and forth between RB and WR in the first.

Going by the mocks I think there is a good chance that RB Lendale White will fall to us in the first round because only a few teams are taking RB's. 49er's take Reggie Bush (who you somehow left out of your mock?), Tennessee takes DeAngelo Williams, and some have Minnesota taking Maroney. Of the whole lot of them, I only like Lendale White. The others are too small, Willie P. size but not as quick.

I would like a WR in the second. Santonio Holmes is the speedster and #1 but he will be long gone when we pick. Martin Nance is rated high and played with Ben in college. I wouldn't mind getting Baskett either because he has size, average NFL speed, but he is a high jump champion. If we draft someone who can start then we can release Cedric Wilson to make more cap space.

Third round, I'm undecided. I lean toward OLB but the best ones will be gone. I think we are okay at OL once we replace Simmons with Kemo, next year I hope. In the draft OG Gilles is a giant but he won't be available unless we take him in the first, which I don't think he is worth.

As far as a Center I think it really depends on Hartings. If he retires then we have to start Okobi and go after depth or maybe go after the Saints Lecharles Bently. I watched Bently last monday night and he did really well against the Falcons but if Hartings does not retire we take a big cap hit by having both of them on the team and Okobi.

I have some other ideas but they are unlikely. Go after Reggie Wayne or trade Duce and our #2 to San Francisco for their #2 pick in the draft so we can get RB Lendale White with our first pick then a few picks later, early in the 2nd round, we take Martin Nance before someone else pulls him.
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