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Default Re: Steelerzgirl is back!

Originally Posted by Suitanim
If you want to bring out all your anonymous allies who emailed me all the hate mail and threats, now would be a good time to do so. I'm sure your sweet and innocent act has swayed a few people, but I've seen the poison you can spew privately...and over what? The FACT that you were wrong about the Confederate Flag?

If you could pick a worse fight, one more lopsidedly wrong, I'm not sure how.

I suggest you learn to bury the hatchet, and do it right now. While you've been stewing over my 75 day old PM, I've not thought of you for a single second since. Quite frankly, I don't care what you do one way or another, but, if you are going to be posting concurrently with me on this board, it'd be best if you figure out some way to do it without remembering every single time you sparred with me in the past while you are posting in the present.
The poison I have spewed privately? Um, if I recall, I sent you an e-mail in response to the hate mail you were receiving telling you that it was all water under the bridge as far as I was concerned. I'm sure I saved a copy of that e-mail somewhere and could probably dig it up if you would like.

If you have any enemies, which I'm sure there are many, that's your problem, not mine, and I don't want involved in it, so you're on your own there. I won't be giving you anyone's e-mail addy or any other private information. I'm an upstanding kinda girl that way.

That's right, Suit... I suggest you bury the hatchet. Since, of course, you DID post that you couldn't care one way or the other about the Confederate Flag, and you WERE, in fact, the person who started this thread. Couldn't wait to see me again, eh? I bet your **** got all hard when you rec'd my response to your PM. LOL I actually haven't been "stewing" over you since I actually have better things to do w/my life than spar w/you all day and night, but if that was your fantasy for the last 75 days, so be it. That is proven by the fact that I didn't even get your PM until this evening from, when was it that you sent it? Back in OCTOBER? But YOU sure do seem to have the number of days down pat for as long as I've been gone not thinking about you. Me stewing for the past 75 days when I only rec'd your PM this evening? I think not...(lol).

Hang it up, Suit. The cat's out of da proverbial bag, and the truth is now out. Have a great evening! I know I will.
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