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Default draft possibilites?

Ok I've heard again and again that we would like to get a back to compliment FWP.

I think we are more than interested in DE/LB Quetin Groves

The Raiders are probably going to draft RB McFadden with their 1st pick 4th overall even though they are set at the RB,they have more pressing needs and only have 5 draft picks out of 7

We would love to trade down to add a couple of picks

so here's the point

What IF... the Raiders who by the way only have 1 pick out of the first 3(no 2nd and 3rd rounder) draft RB McFadden with 4th overall pick...then we could try to get RB Michael Bush for a 3rd or 4th rounder which would be a good move for both teams considering that he is 100% ready to go and that he has the tools to be one good back.

Then we trade our 1st rounder(23rd) to ATL for their 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder so they could draft a DL with their 1st pick and probably QB Brohm with the 23rd.

we draft Groves with the 2nd rounder or OL Cherilus or WR Hardy, we could afford to lose a 3rd or 4th on Bush who would be probably better than any RB available in those rounds and we still address our needs in the draft.

what do you guys think about it

I would love to see that happen even though probably not likely to happen
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