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Default Re: Steelerzgirl is back!

Originally Posted by SteelerzGirl

So sorry to see you're so pissed. Poor thing. Me? I'm rather amused. You posted you couldn't care one way or another about the Confederate Flag. YOU posted that, not me. Your excuses are very poor. Yet again I'm not buying what you're selling. So sorry. Go try the Browns board maybe.
In whittling this down, we see that you refuse to acknowledge that I was being gracious and giving you a chance to distance yourself from an idiotic and archaic idea that the Confederate Flag as a Southern Ideal somehow holds some merit. So, can I just call an ace an ace and a spade a spade (and, since you are a racist, "spade" is card term, not a derogatory term for African American), and ask if you stick by your contention that the Confederate Flag is just a harmless thing that rednecks at races should fly proudly?
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