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Default Re: Steelerzgirl is back!

Originally Posted by Suitanim
In whittling this down, we see that you refuse to acknowledge that I was being gracious and giving you a chance to distance yourself from an idiotic and archaic idea that the Confederate Flag as a Southern Ideal somehow holds some merit. So, can I just call an ace an ace and a spade a spade (and, since you are a racist, "spade" is card term, not a derogatory term for African American), and ask if you stick by your contention that the Confederate Flag is just a harmless thing that rednecks at races should fly proudly?
Yes, please, let's whittle this down real small so you understand cuz you DO pay to post on this message board after all and DID get that political science degree... Like anyone really gives a rat's behind about that anyway. I'm about as racist as you are as per your post in the now defunct NASCAR thread. Correct?

Like I said, Suit... Hang it up. YOU are the one who continues to lie your way through this thread when all I have done is posted nothing but the truth. And you know it. It's why you're so pissed and continue to go back to the Confederate Flag deal. I'm not upset at all. I think you're funny. You really DO make me laugh.

The facts lie within this thread. Thanks for starting it! It's great knowing I'm so important to you, and that you've missed me soooo much to start a thread warmly welcoming me back the way you did. I'm sure the other members are pleased w/you, as well...(lol). Once again, it seems it's all YOU, Suit.

I'm now going to take my GREAT mood and go shoot some pool and drink some Long Island Iced Tea. You have fun at home now posting on your lil message board, k? After all, you DO pay to do so.

Oh, before I go... Please know I don't take orders from you. It would be a wise move for you to remember that.
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