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Default Re: Defense Wins Championships

Originally Posted by rdsovchen View Post
If they do decide to go defense, IMO it would have to be by way of trading down! At # 23 there is no defensive prospect on the board worthy of reaching for. Trading down would be a nice avenue to look into, obviously to aquire an extra pick in the second or third rds. Keep in mind everybody hypes up the top names on the boards all the way through draft day...but in many positions, this is a very deep draft class and trading down could benefit us greatly. The Steelers do have a fantastic scouting department and it would not surprise me at all if this is the route they take.

Although at # 23 I am an advocate for drafting Sterwart!
Like this post a lot.

I think a trade down will give ultimate value to address some obvious needs of both D and O. If I had 4 picks in rounds 2 & 3 I would take a DE, OLB, CB and OT. That would make me very happy considering the depth available at those positions.

Retooling both the O and D lines will take at least 3-5 years. Going into the 2007 season there was a need to start rebuilding the defence and Timmons and Woodley started that process. To continue that process this year we should be happy to see either DE, OLB or CB be taken in the first 3 rounds. The time for NT and FS will come soon.

The retooling of the O line unfortunately starts this year due to last few drafts. (Offensive skill players exist fortunately due to the last four drafts.) I think a minor commitment has been made to Max Starks that he can be the future LT. Apart from Kendalls RG spot I think all other positions will be rebuilt over the next 3 - 4 drafts. (And it must start with center in 2009)

Stockpiling some picks and lucky selections in rounds 4 - 7 over the next few years will see a dominant period for coach Tomlin ( much like Cowhers early years).

Just be thankful that the Steeler organisation has enough quality across the board to allow our rebuilding phases to still produce playoff calibre teams. Remember that most of the NFL franchises want to be just like the steelers and rebuilding through the draft is one of them.
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