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Default Re: RIP Charlton Heston

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Charlton Heston will forever be remembered as a legend in the film industry. I had many favorite Heston movies, but my #1 favorite Heston film was Ben Hur - I have it on VHS and still watch it every couple of months. He was strikingly handsome, even in his later years, and I had a huge crush on him growing up - LOL! He also was heavily involved in civil rights and his years of commitment to the NRA, an organization which I fully support, were outstanding. Not only was he a great actor, he was a faithful and loving husband and father, married to Lydia for 64 years, a rarity in Hollywood. RIP, Mr. Heston - you will be sorely missed.

Couldn't have said it better myself - I remember watching The Ten Commandments every year around Easter, and I always had a big crush on him. He was one helluva man.

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