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Default Re: Where are all the critics this week??

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Despite the fine win against the Bears im still a critic of Cowher.

So he won an important regular season match up against one dimensional opposition?

So what, I say - the Steelers should have too much for the Bears 8 times out of 10.

Last year was the regular season bench mark for the Steelers and alot of other teams - the way they took care of the Eagles and Patriots in consecutive weeks was pretty impressive to say the least - but when push came to shove Cowher didnt have the savvy to get it done in the playoffs.

All the criticisms of him still stand - when the heat is on he is unable to think on his feet, he is in fact more likely to have some sort of brain freeze than produce a game winning piece of coaching.

I fully agree that the Steelers should keep their roster thug free, because it actually makes good football sense in the long run if nothing else.

However, having a coach who isnt a 'nice guy' wouldnt be the end of the world - I want my coach to be single minded in his pursuit of glory for my team whilst staying within accepted parameters for sportsmanship


Past makes a very good point in his post. Ive supported Cowher whole heartedly from day one and always believed he is the perfect fit for this team and the city and what it stands for. I still believe he is a great coach and he deserves all kinds of props for that big win against the bears and holding this team together. My problem is mainly when it comes to playoff time. We just never seem to be prepared for that final stretch game to get to the SB. Either the game plan doesnt work and we cant adjust at half time, or the players just dont perform. Obviously he cant control the players on the field in terms of how they do that day but the game plan just never seems to work in crunch time in january.
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