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Default Re: Willie Parker on turf?

I think it's been nice seeing Ben move the ball around.. He's getting it to ALL the receivers as of lately so as it might seem Miller doesn't get the ball much, others are getting it equally as much now.. I think the whole offense has stepped up bigtime and now it's up to our D.. We need our blitzes back.. I can't believe the penetration we used to get compared to lately.. We did sack Chicago 3 times but before that in the 3 losses our blitz was non existent.. Put some pressure on Johnson and he'll crack like 40 year old paint.. Stop em on 3rd down and we got the win in the bag.. As for the RB situation.. I like the idea of puttin the bus in the shop for as long as possible to conserve milage.. Parker is bound to break lose on the fast turf and as for Duce.. looks like he's sittin again.. Oh well.. we'll have a rested back for next year :P..
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