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Default Re: Defense Wins Championships

Originally Posted by Give It To Abercrombie View Post
I thought the same way until I read one article that pointed out our LB depth and near future. Say Harrison sticks around and teams with Woodley at OLB for the next few years. Timmons slides inside and replaces Foote this year or next. Then Foote and Farrior are both probably gone. Who's left? This upcoming year sounds amazing with Woodley/Farrior/Foote/Harrison with Timmons in the wings. Whats that lineup look like in two years? I now fully expect a LB (in or out) in the early rounds, maybe even 1st or 2nd.
harrison is gonna be gone in 2-3 years... he's 29 and i think he signed a contract through 2010... i hope we dont try to retain him when he leaves and we find an adeqate replacement (maybe cliff avril?)... also mayo this year wouldn't be half bad as by 2010 we could have a LB corp similar to

avril/Timmons/Mayo/Woodley... that lineup would just be plain sick...(then again i highly doubt we use two straight picks on LBers yet again this year but a man can dream...)
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