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Default Re: Where are all the critics this week??

Originally Posted by Prosdo
I think Cowher will have critics until he wins a Superbowl. He always has very competitive teams, but we always fall apart right before we get there. I support Cowher, but I do see the critics not quieting until he wins a big one or atleast takes us to another one.

Agreed. And i am one of those critics at times.

Sometimes i think "Well, maybe we are relying on too many young players who are still developing". That is one theory on why the reg. season success and not in the playoffs. The intensity and pressure magnifies.

Then at other times i wanna blame the Defense. We rarely get good pressure on the opposing QB in playoff games. In the rare instances we have? We've won.

Then i go into the blaming the offense. We have went into the playoffs alot of years with QB's we've seemingly pulled off the scrap heap. Now thats changed.

The Rooney's have the toughest job in the world right now IMO. They have a fanbase that is growing more and more hungry by the year and wanting answers to these type of questions. At what point does Rooney look at coach Cowher and ask more of him? The man has given us a ton of success, just not a trophy.

I think we can win a trophy with Cowher. But i also think we need some veterans that have won the big one before added and Cowher needs to listen to them maybe as well. Change has to be accepted as well. We always draft players who fit our system then take a couple of years to develop. Well once we've waited for players to develop, we can't afford em' all at times. Guys like Mike Vrabel comes to mind?

The one thing i'm really jealous of the Pats about is that they always seem to make a trade or sign a key FA who comes in and gives them INSTANT production. They have a franchise QB to pay too, how the hell do they always end up with so much cap space? I don't think we're doing as good a job at playing the cap as most folks think. Well it's a theory anyway.
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