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Default Re: Finally! Pat Kirwans Mock #1

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
as in herm's words HE wants 15 picks this yr.. so i wouldn't doubt to see the cheifs trade one of there 1st rd picks to drop back again and pick up extra picks.. honestly they do need a lot of help on the team...
Sometimes I am not sure Herm knows what he really wants.

At this point, I could see us go with an OLineman - the line could use it - and I think a trade up might do it - but the team is smart with it's picks and would -as someone pointed out - be wiser perhaps to trade back - the premiere OLine talent could be long gone by our pick.

Go back a round - not too far mind you - and the WRs have more value, and the Oline that is left will too.
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