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Thumbs up Kirwans Take on the New Steelers

he had mendenhall ranked #2 rb overall-;jsess...o&confirm=true

2. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
Height: 5-10 Weight: 225
College stats: 14 starts, 388 carries, 2,539 yards, 22 TDs; 59 receptions, 5 TDs
Vital numbers: 4.45 40-yard dash

Mendenhall is a one-year starter and the limited carries is a plus for teams looking for under-used college backs. I watched the Penn State and USC games and Mendenhall has the power to burst through the line and the speed to have a significant number of explosive plays in the NFL. He has excellent weight room strength and can take contact. Sees the field well and will take advantage of over-pursuing defenses. Many draftable defensive players mentioned him as the best back they faced. Catching the ball is easy for him and an expanded pass attack around him is a strong possibility. He has 397 less carries than McFadden. Draft projection: Round 1.
and he had sweed ranked #1;jsess...o&confirm=true

1. Limas Sweed, Texas
Height: 6-4 Weight: 210
College stats: 124 receptions, 20 TDs
Vital numbers: 4.50 40-yard dash, 4.33 short shuttle, 37 -inch vertical

Limas stayed in college for four year and refined his route running and ability to read coverage's. There is a lot less risk with Sweed than many of the other receivers. He had 39 starts in college football as opposed to Devin Thomas with 13 college starts. As he said to me in our discussions, "I know how to get open, I can leap and the best thing I do is adjust to the ball." Sweed will not be in the dark when he lines up against NFL secondary, while some of the other candidates just might be lost. Finally, this guy has excellent character. Draft projection: Round 1.
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