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Default Re: eric moulds as a steeler?

Originally Posted by LondonSteeler
plus waynes stats are not impressive, when you look at whos throwing him the ball, the extent to which that line protects, the fact they have edge in the backfield, and double coverage on marvin harrison.

now you look at the rams in 1999-2002, they were in a similar position offense wise, and holt and bruce were awesome, and either put up far better numbers than reggie wayne.

paying out for reggie wayne, you'd get a glorified no.2 receiver for top dollar money, no thanks.

at least with moulds, hes a legitimate no.1
i definitely gotta agree with youre takes on wayne and moulds. wayne would prove to be far too expensive for his potential lack of production in the steelers offense. moulds would be cheaper and him and ward could easilly co-exist in a symbiotic realtionship where both feel like theyre a #1.

moulds too old? hes no older than the likes of harrisson, t.o., rod, smith, m. muhammed last year, and look at what t. glenn and j. galloway are doing this year.

steelers need to groom a young wr they draft? like l. mays, t. edwards, w. blackwell, f. gibson etc.? look at what p. burress did his 1st season. is this really gonna help us? i would prefer q. morgan over a rookie. look at this years 1st round draft class. m. williams, t. williamson, clayton and edwards..... really lighting it on fire arent they? even look at las years crop. not doing much. they say it takes a wr 3 years to fully develop (javon walker)

who wants to sit aroungd and wait for a wr to develop for 3 years? and why would hines wanna groom someone to take over his job and position. him and the offense want a baller who they can play with right away.
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