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Default So how do you take the pressure off the offensive and defensive lines?

Simple. You score every time you touch the freakin' ball.

NFL scoring record, look out. The 2008 Steelers are coming.

Take a look at our weaponry now! What was Roethlisberger missing last year? Why was he running around like crazy? (Aside from blocking, I mean.) One thing we were missing was a Wes Welker guy, someone to be open on the short route when the blitzers were all over the place. Mendenhall is going to be a great receiver out of the backfield, and Sweed is going to give us the best 1-2-3 receivers package in the AFC Central (a division we'll need to sweep, if we want to make the playoffs, with our schedule).

The box scores are going to look like basketball games, believe me. You thought last year's Pats were impressive? You ain't seen NOTHING yet.

First round linemen? Remember the stats... there are more Pro Bowl guys from rounds 4 and lower. And there is no such thing as a round 6 bust; you pick those guys late and let them develop, if they don't develop you lost a 6th. Lots of can't miss college line super stars are great technique guys, but when they get to the pros the technique can't hide a lack of strength, quickness, or speed. I'd much rather have those guys who have great skills, but were overlooked because they weren't properly coached. You get those guys in a good pro environment, with good teachers, and their natural talent will smoke the good technique/poor skills guys. Remember: Tony Mandarich.

The New NFL is all about points, and lots of them. Our boys are gonna freak some people out.
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