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Default Re: Tomlin High on Mendenhall

With all of the potential vacancies on the o-line depth chart and we take a running back?


It's obvious that the required build-up for the o-line is going to take time. Adding one mediocre body from the end of the first round to the long list of question marks we already have is going to help us how?

The one major difference repeated over and over again by rookies who make the jump to the NFL is speed. The one common denominator for Adrian Peterson, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Stewart is that they all played against SC and with the exception of Stewert were all on the wrong end of an ass whoopin' - for McFadden and Jones...ass whooping times two.

But Stewert faced a dismantled version of the defense that turned Zook's squad upside down. There were perhaps two flashes of Mendenhall where he made the USC defense look like Division II - no worse, like the Buckeye defense

One hit wonder or just hitting stride? Perhaps he'll prove to be a three down back if Willie needs a breather or worse goes down. If Willie does go down then who would fill in? Davenport has limits. Where I think Rashard can make an immediate impact is in the passing game. Being the third or fourth option before Ben gets decapitated again and again will be a treasure trove for us. We hope.

We'll still go 8-8 though.
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