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Default Re: Tomlin High on Mendenhall

Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
I have asked this question about a dozen times today....So lets make it one more time....What OL or DL at 23 do the Steelers take?

Clady, Williams and Albert were gone......Cherilus and Otah were also gone....even freaking Sam Baker was I know lets reach for Duane Brown who is a 2nd round talent at Only OG worth taking in the first was Albert.....No center was worth drafting in the first....

At DL I wasn't really thrilled with Balmer or Campbell....I don't think they fit the 3-4....which the Steelers still employ as their base defense.....Phillip Merling would have been a solid pick and I really could see Merling at 23...But I'm also not sure if he can play in a 3-4.....

Mendenhall was considered the second best RB in this draft and offered to much value to pass up.....Same goes for Sweed in the 2nd round....At the Steelers pick in the second round the OL and DL left didn't meet the value Sweed had.....

There is still some quality OL and DL left out there.....This is were the Steelers really need to hit big and put the final touches on a potentially great draft....
You see it exactly the way I wish everyone on this board should see it. Every NFL team has a draft board. Listed "first" to "worst". In the early rounds you take Best Available Player left on your board. The Steelers had no DL or OL players ranked high enough in rounds 1 and 2 to make the call.
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