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Default Re: Tomlin High on Mendenhall

Originally Posted by Hypocycloid View Post
I respectfully disagree with you and so does Willie Parker who asked for another RB to be drafted to extend his career. Were you watching any of the games after FWP went down? Did you see Jacksonville's one-two punch at running back? How about the Giant's two back system? Most NFL teams have gone to two back systems and usually try to have quality backups! One back systems--St. Louis, San Diego, Indy, KC, that's what makes their rbs such great fantasy backs, but there are less and less of them every year. But remember that Indy , KC, and St. Louis all had injuries to their running backs. RB is the most injury prone position. There was definitely a need there, but no one expected them to address it that high. Sure there is a definite need at DL and OL but it would have likely been depth anyway. If they were to move up, they would have lost a key pick this year to address other needs, maybe two picks. You and the Steelers weren't certain where all of the OT's were going to go anyway. They aren't clairvoyant, and we have the fortune of 20/20 hindsight. I am sure that the Steelers were sure that someone of value would slip to them, whether it be a DE, OL, or Cornerback. They just never envisioned such a value at RB! Mendenhall will not sit for three years, that's crazy. He is going to split time with parker and get goal line carries.
Yea I completely agree. Does everyone forget that we had a two back system when we won the superbowl? Since then, the running game has been on and off. I like the pick. Sure the OL and DL are big needs, but you can find a lot of quality OL and DL-men on day two.

Just got a OLB, Bruce Davis

I dunno anything about him. But we can always use another LB in Pittsburgh.

[From ESPN draft tracker]
Erik (Grand Rapids): Do you think it was smart for the Steelers to pick a LB instead of a OG?

Scouts, Inc.'s Ken Moll: Erik, The Steelers need both positions and they took who they felt was the best Value at the time.

DM (Maryland): What's your take on the Felix Jones vs Mendenhall debate on who Jerry Jones picked at 22? Should Mendenhall have been the pick?

Scouts, Inc.'s Ken Moll: DM, both are good backs but different runing styles. Jones has more speed and a better compliment to Barber. Mendenhall will be a great compliment to Parker as he is more of a hardnosed downhill, between the tackles runner (though he can get to the edge). Both Clubs appeared to make the best choice for their respective team needs.
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