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Default Re: 2004 NFL DRAFT....How it should've gone down(TOP 10 PICKS)

11)-Steelers: DeAngelo Hall

The Steelers needed a CB and Tommy Maddux could have led this team into the postseason simply because of the defense and running game....DeAngelo is fast and a potential shut down corner.

12)-Jets: Jonathon Vilma

Nothing changed about this pick. Jonathon really helped out this defense and was defensive rookie of the year. Tremendous player alright showing potential.

13)-Bills: Lee Evans

Showed his stuff late in the year and he is the apprentice to Eric Moulds. A fast-as-hell WR who will make you pay with press coverage. Let him grow a bit and he could be better then his mentor.

14)-Bears: Reggie Williams

He was an underachiever his rookie year but the Bears desperately needed a WR. Their defense was already good and Tommie Harris barely played. Reggie could have thrived with Rex Grossman at the helm.

15)-Buccanneers: Kevin Jones

They need him, and he should have been selected a lot higher. Kevin showed tremendous productivity his rookie year and the Bucs haven't had a good RB since Warrick Dunn.

16)-Eagles: Shawn Andrews

Nothing changed, the DE market wasn't strong in the '04 draft and they needed a stud Tackle which Stacy Andrews is quickly becoming. He's a beast that will plow massive holes for anyone.

17)-Broncos: Tommie Harris

Played in Chicago as a backup during 2004, dont know much about Harris. The Broncs have stooped so low as Gerrard Warren so drafting Harris couldnt have been much worse.

18)-Saints: Ahmad Carrol

For those of you that don't know this CB, he's as fast as DeAngelo Hall. THATS FAST!!! Put up good numbers for being a nickel and dime back in '04, the Saints pass defense was 32nd in '04 so they shouldve taken Carrol.


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