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Default Re: 2004 NFL DRAFT....How it should've gone down(TOP 10 PICKS)

19)-Dolphins: Stephen Jackson

Dreads, remind you of anyone? If the Fins knew that Ricky would leave, they would have taken a running back and Stephen Jackson is just like Ricky Williams. Not as fast but has tremendous strength and could have plowed through anyone. If the Fins would have taken Jackson, Dave Wannstedt might still have a job.

20)-Vikings: D.J Williams

D.J is from "DA U" so that right their tells you he's good. Terrific spped for an OLB and has great heart. A bit quiet in '04, played for Denver. The Vikings needed LBs and they should have taken one. This kid would have helped this defense greatly.

21)-Patriots: Chris Gamble

Tied for most INTs in '04 this kid was so underrated! The Pats needed a ton of help at CB and Gamble would've been a stud alongside Asante Samuel. Gamble brings size and is very physical. Not the fastest CB but has enough speed to get around.

22)-Bills: J.P Losthman

Nothing different. Parting ways with Drew Bledsoe means this pick just might pay off. Injured most of the year we'll see if this cocky kid will prove to be worthy of the 22nd pick.

23)-Sehawks: Kenechi Udeze

The Seahawks were in a world of hurt in '04 when it cames to defensive ends. Udeze brings great speed to hurt you on the outside. Udeze and Wistrom would have been a monstrous pass rush and might have launched the 'Hawks into the second round of the playoffs.


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