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Default Re: 2004 NFL DRAFT....How it should've gone down(TOP 10 PICKS)

24)-Rams: Will Smith

The Rams needed all the defensive help they could get and Will Smith would have been a great defensive end along side Leonard Little. Smith has decent size and decent speed but his gritty determination and great work ethics is what puts him over the top. The Rams needed a pass rusher and he is just that.

25)-Packers: Madieu Williams

Yup, Bengals fans know this name pretty well. A potential playmaker, Williams is a ballhawk who will hit you in the mouth. Not known for speed but he is faster then most think, can cover if needed. The Packers needed an all-pro saftey and Williams could be just that.

26)-Bengals: Ben Troupe

Many don't know the name but hes going to be big. The 3rd fastest TE in the NFL only to Kellen Winslow and Ben Gates. Troupe had a decent year in '04 but the Titans run a spread offense which makes the TE the odd man out. The Bengals offense is already explosive and Troupe wouldve compliment the Bengals Receiving core greatly.

27)-Texans: Michael Boulware

Just like his brother Peter, Michael is a terrific tackler. Can make you pay when you go over the middle with his bone crunching hits. Also faster then most think, he will cover and has great hands. The Texans needed a Safety and Boulware would have been that guy.


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